ASPX file template

ASPX is a file with the text format used to build web pages (disambiguation), and maintains the standard XML file.

The method that Microsoft recommends for behavior with the code of the dynamic program is a code support code that specially designates this code in a separate file or a text attachment. Code-backing files usually name things as MyPage.aspx.cs or MyPage.aspx.vb based on the ASPX file name. (This is done in Microsoft Visual Studio and other integrated development environments automatically.) When you use this programming method, the code developer will respond to different events, such as the page being loaded, or the control that is clicked on instead of The procedure that moves during the program writes.
Technical translation method

ASP uses a composite compilation method. As part of the aspx template, the file is written within the code format, where a control tree (composite) will be created that will represent the original static template. The main text goes inside examples of the main control class. The server controls are represented by instances of a particular control class. The initial code is combined with the user’s text code (usually by a multiplicity of multiple subclass classes) and results in a class attribute for the page. The page will be doubled as the root of the tree tree.

Real requests are processed for a page at a time between stages. First, during the loading process, a sample of the page’s class is created and the loading code is executed. This is the result of the main control tree, which is now usually managed by the follow-up process on the page. As with any tree in a tree, a control is shown, such as an instance of a class that can make the structure harder by manipulating the properties / methods of the unique nodes. Eventually, during the translation process, a visitor was used to see the tree tree. Each member will submit a translation order using methods. The resulting HTML code is sent to the client (Client).

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