What is html

The HTML term (html) stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, which means the hypertext markup language.

Html is the standard language design language for web pages, and all page codes, from the server side and the client side, are eventually converted to HTML and displayed by the browser.

In other words, browsers do not know any of the code and server-side controls, such as asp and php codes, and the HTML code for them is HTML.

Server programming language compilers eventually turn their code into HTML code and send it to the browser to display to users.

HTML is a markup language, which means that the different parts are separated by components called tags, each of which has its own application and properties. These tags tell the browser what kind of element each part of the page should display and how it should be displayed.

Each html code has a certain meaning and meaning and has a definite effect on the content. For example, tags are defined for changing the appearance of the text, such as bold and thicken a word, or linking to other pages in HTML.

An HTML document is a text-based document, usually named by .htm or .html, and its contents are made up of HTML tags. Web browsers that are able to understand and interpret HTML tags, read them from an HTML document, and then render the content of that page.
HTML is not a programming language

It is a language used to mark hypertext, and is essentially used to construct information and separate the logical components of a text – such as titles, images, catalogs, clauses, and tables. On the other hand, HTML should not be used as a language for page layout or web page drawing; this is now about other technologies like CSS (Css), which we will fully understand in the Css tutorial section. .

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