Bootstrap application in site design

The increasing use of various tools in the design of the site as well as the efforts of site designers to create a user-friendly and beautiful site has made the use of prefabricated designers more popular in today’s design. Bootstrap is also a very practical tool so Which is very popular due to its availability, and so far the third version of this utility has been published. In the following, we will give you a brief overview of Bootstrap.
Bootstrap Linguistic Meaning

Boot in English means boot. Bootstrap also means that some boots have a tab for pulling the heel. These Bootstrap tabs say that it’s easy to wear boots, and probably because of This term has been used for Bootstrap tools because it makes up to 80% easier and faster.
Bootstrap idiom

Bootstrap means bootstrap. In fact, bootstrapping means starting the process independently without using other resources. And if you look at the meaning of booting (bootstrapping and importing the initial software information in a computer RAM), also This term has been removed.
History of Bootstrap

The bootstrap was designed by Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto, one of the top Twitter employees, and has been implemented to create compatibility between the various tools developed on Twitter. Before using Twitter, Bootstrap used a lot of libraries and tools, but Due to the high cost of maintenance as well as incompatibility with some of the tools, Bootstrap saw the way to Bootstrap, and Bootstrap was publicly available as a welcome public user in 2011.
Bootstrap on site design

Bootstrap is a collection of tools required for web design and web applications, as well as CSS-based HTML design templates. These templates can be used as text, forms, photos, menus, and more.

Bootstrap has javascript plugins that can easily be used so that it can be beautifully designed with its own design. The bootstrap is free and available to everyone. Better yet. Be familiar with HTML and CSS languages ​​as well as JavaScript before using bootstrap.

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